Insecure times require new ideas, courage, inner security and boundless energy!

I am Claudia Sigel, a business coach, consultant and passionate entrepreneur. I help entrepreneurs and managers to proactively bring themselves into top form. With exciting sessions and effective tools you will gain new perspectives, more serenity and you will release your undrained-of superpowers. Do you have the courage to approach problems differently? Then it was no coincidence that you ended up here. 

Optimise your mind-, heart-, soul- and health-set!

Who are you today? How do you work and how do you feel? 

Are you stuck in a difficult situation with your business?

Are you depressed by the current pressure to succeed and the increasing complexity of your tasks, or are you drowning in your daily business operations? 

Do you think you can achieve your goals for yourself and your company? Do you feel confident in your decisions? Do you live authentically or a role and just function? Are you often exhausted and powerless? Are you afflicted by unconscious fears?

Do your employees stand completely behind you, your vision and strategy? Are they committed and motivated for the success of the company?

Break new ground if the old way doesn’t work anymore!

Imagine what it would be like to

  • to live out of an inner zone of happiness and inner peace of mind work
  • to work energetically, powerfully and purposefully
  • to reach your goals with ease,
  • achieve higher turnover, EBIT and make more money
  • to bring out your strength and charisma to the full extent
  • and to have enthusiastic employees and customers!

Having been an entrepreneur for many years, I only know too well where the real problems lie.

With my experience and intuition, I can support you with confidence

  • to identify and address the causes of your problems,
  • to find the right solutions,
  • to overcome your limitations and mental blocks through the “deep-diving-method”,
  • to awaken your genius and charisma within you,
  • to achieve your goals without pressure and stress, and
  • to be phenomenally successful!

Live and work inspired & fulfilled!

Start changing your business and your life!

Online coaching – get to know the latest best practices in a relaxed and time-saving manner!

Would you like to solve your problems and achieve your goals
as fast, relaxed, effective and time-saving as possible?

The benefits of online coaching for you:

  • you are flexible in terms of location and time
  • you can easily fit the sessions in your professional agenda, or schedule them for the evening
  • you can gain just as much through video communication (Zoom, Skype) as through one-on-one coaching
  • you are able to see important content or links right in front of you on the screen
  • you can rewatch the coaching sessions at any time as they can be recorded
  • you can view reports, questions or notes at any time
  • the coaching environment is more spontaneous, easier, more intensive and sustainable
Free introductory call

One-on-one coaching is also possible – either in Munich or in your neighbourhood.

Coaching with intuition – What other clients say

As an entrepreneur, designer and managing director, I am exposed to a lot of stress when it comes to creating collections, deadline pressure and HR management. Since Claudia has accompanied me, I have more energy, joy and also more time for myself. No matter what we work on – a strategy, a mental block or a personal vision for the next few years – every time I feel liberated and energised.

Monika S., Entrepreneur

After years of professional mistakes, with Claudia’s help, I managed to develop a highly motivating vision in just three sessions. Already after this short time, I’ve experienced success stories, which I had not expected at all. I am already looking forward to the next steps in my self-determined future.

Lukas Rüdel, Munich, Germany

It is important that we are able to express wishes and needs easily and deal with each other on a personal level. This is what we need in a coaching environment. You as a human being are the centre of attention and this is very important to me.

Let’s get to know each other in a free trial session – I’m looking forward to it.