About me – Get to know me

It is my mission is to help people get the most out of themselves and their business and be relaxed and happy at the same time.

For 25 years, I have been learning from the best teachers in the world and have successfully implemented what I’ve learned into my own life and business projects.

Imagine how you would feel if you could live an inspired, courageous and humorous life, release your inhibitions and achieve great goals – without any stress or struggle!

My own challenge

Already as a child, I had a high sensitivity for the mental states of other people and tried to balance out any problems within our family. Like many women, I later fell into the trap of wanting it all – a degree, children, a career and self-employment. My expectations of myself were very high and my life was not only challenging, but sometimes very overwhelming. I always wanted to live up to everything and that put me under a lot of pressure.

Pure stress determined my life.

Later, in my role as managing director, designer, production manager and mother of 4 children, I found myself in the situation where I could only wish for a miracle to happen. The less powerful I felt, the worse everything else got. Our employees became more and more dissatisfied, the problems in the production increased, the creation of the collections was increasingly stressful, and my children missed an attentive and loving mother. At that point, I decided to start my personal change process.

Entrepreneur, designer and mother

How I learned to recognise and use my potential

I realised if it isn’t right on the inside, it can’t be right on the outside. In many situations, I was not truly myself and let myself be stressed and determined by external factors, which at that time I was not able to influence. I had become the victim of the circumstances I had created. At first, I learned to take responsibility for myself, to recognise my weaknesses and to look at my situation from a different perspective. Then I started to read countless books and to take part in courses, coaching and advanced training.

Learning to feel again

I changed my mind-set and my daily routine, and I learned and developed tools that helped me overcome my mental blocks and be more focused, goal-oriented and relaxed. I began to feel myself again and to be grateful every day for the good things in my life. And I gave my attention in a more qualitative way to every part of my work, to the people in my company and to my children.

I developed more vitality and enthusiasm, achieved the goals for my professional projects soon after and noticed plenty of improvements in all aspects of my life. I was absolutely fascinated and surprised by the changes within and around me. Today, I live an extremely happy, successful and inspiring life.

And as soon as I notice that problems or mental blocks come up, I know exactly what to do or which tools to use to get my life back into the flow. I also know how to change my mind-, heart-, soul- and health-set if problems arise in any area.

Mind-set, heart-set, soul-set, health-set

Possibilities of personal change

For years, my friends and my children have strongly encouraged me to pass on this knowledge, to help people recognise their potential and the simple possibilities of personal change. In the beginning, I was a bit hesitant, since I was still engaged in other business projects.

Today, I am very grateful to them, because it has become my vocation and my favourite occupation to help other people change their lives and businesses in a much easier and more positive way in the shortest possible time than the years it took me to acquire this ability. Even today, I continue to learn and immediately integrate my new knowledge into my work.

What is important to me

My top priority are my family and my adult children, some of them are still at university. Our personal exchange is inspiring and an emotional refuelling for all of us. We are very connected to each other. I am grateful for my life so far, the experiences I have gained and the knowledge I have acquired. All of this helps me today to support my clients in achieving their goals and successes in the shortest possible time. I’m living more and more according to my inner flow, needing less and less. I love to go running with my Greek stray dog Finie in the countryside, I’m open to new things and I’m future-oriented.

Always start with the inner work, before you change something on the outside.

Today, I am very grateful to them, because it has become my vocation and my favourite occupation to help other people change their lives and businesses in a much easier and more positive way in the shortest possible time than the years it took me to acquire this. Even today, I continue to learn and immediately integrate my new knowledge into my work.

My vision

My vision for a better world is that people feel connected to each other instead of just being busy with themselves, that they see the big picture instead of just the small part that concerns themselves, that they draw their satisfaction and happiness from within themselves instead of expecting it from others and that they work together on something that benefits people, nature and wildlife. This would mean peace in the world and completely new ideas that would fulfil our daily needs in a different and more satisfying way than before.

Das große Bild und die Zusammenhänge sehen

My personal vision is to help high-achievers and implementers, or people who have great responsibilities and/or goals to carry out all their tasks in a highly professional way, with ease and inner strength, and thus make a great contribution to many other people.

My qualifications

  • Studies of economics at the university Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Nuremberg, Germany (main subjects: marketing, leadership, psychology)
  • Shareholder and member of the advisory board of Sigel Holding GmbH (office products)
  • Managing director and co-owner of a company in the textile industry
  • Founder of a company for leather goods, I designed the products and sold the company after 6 years (diboni GmbH)
  • Development of an online distribution for Germany of an organic certified natural cosmetics line (www.Giilinea.de)
  • Development of a platform for advanced education for women (Topwomen.eu)
  • Development of an educational programme for stress-free child education (only available in German)
  • Training and advanced education within the scope of business coaching – leadership, behavioural, system and hypnosis therapy, stress release
  • High Performing Coaching Training with Robin Sharma, Canada, Rich Litvin and Michael Neill, US
  • Member of the Advanced Attendee Group of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neuroscientist, US
  • Advanced training with Michael Grinder, expert in NLP and non-verbal communication, US
  • Advanced training with Robert Dilts, member of the NLP founding committee, US
  • Advanced training with Mac Attram, Business Coach (Business Success Principles & Personal Growth Strategies), London
  • Advanced training with Alex Mandossian, Online Marketing, US
  • Other advanced training programmes at the Mindvalley Academy, US (Personal Branding, Extraordinary Design, Speak & Inspire, Personal Mastery etc.)
  • 25 years of experience in meditation and practising the flow state
  • Development of heartflow meditation (coming soon)