Business Coaching

As part of my business, executive or career coaching sessions, I accompany extraordinary people with high or seemingly impossible goals in their professional development.

Coaching is very powerful and effective!

I support entrepreneurs, executives and visionaries to recognise and use their strengths and abilities in order to be sustainably successful and to experience their professional career in a fulfilling way and in the flow.

In the countless years of my studies of human behaviour, I have intensively researched how slight but consistent changes can make a radical difference in one’s own performance and thus in the achievement of one’s own goals.

The coaching sessions take place either online in the form of Zoom video calls only or as a combination of face-to-face meeting and online coaching.

What intensity do you prefer?

Depending on what kind of support you are looking for, you can choose between a 3-, 6- or 12-month coaching package.

3-month basic coaching

Basic coaching focusses on your priority topics, e.g. release your mental blocks, create a vision and discuss its implementation.

6-month transformation coaching

Transformation coaching goes deeper. We also include the other areas of your life and work intensely on your mind-, heart-, soul- and health-set. In the end, you will have a completely new way of seeing, behaving and acting, which makes you more successful, fitter and motivated and lets you work in the flow and at ease.

9-month expert coaching

After the expert coaching, your business and all the areas of your life will be on a much higher level. You will experience a fundamental change that will give you absolute authority over all your current and future professional and personal challenges. You’ll have internalised all the tools and strategies to overcome any problem immediately.

You will be extremely successful, free, fit and happy, act from an increased awareness, achieve top performance and live in the flow. Your mind-, heart-, soul- and health-set are optimised and balanced.

You live your vision and perceive your life as a gift.

This is how you benefit from our cooperation

You learn to turn off your autopilot

According to neuroscientist Professor Volker Busch, Regensburg, Germany, we make over 100,000 decisions every day, 80 to 90 per cent of them unconsciously. This means that we usually function most of the time on autopilot and are at the mercy of our inner convictions, imprints and beliefs. Therefore, in our coaching sessions, we examine the unconscious patterns of behaviour and thinking that prevent you from being successful and living a self-determined life. I will show you how to do this and how to turn off your autopilot.

Developing a vision for yourself and your business

Visions give orientation, inspiration, motivation and provide a sense of purpose. They have a huge impact on the future orientation which is very important.

However, if you want to change something, it is important to know exactly what you want to change. 95 per cent of people struggle with that. And this can be very stressful. A vision must come from inside of you, and it must feel good and right internally. But this is not enough. If you have a vision for your company, for a new strategy or product, then the whole team should back this vision.

In a special vision coaching, we work with different methods on a vision until it feels a hundred per cent right.

Getting to know the power of feeling

Many coaching approaches are limited to learning various tools, mental understanding, and mental insights. I use many successful mental techniques, too. However in addition, my work has always to do with integrating new skills into your own system – and with feeling in your body, in your heart, in your essence.

This is the only way to change. You want to learn to ski perfectly? Then you have to feel what it is like to schuss without fear, to successfully prove yourself with ease on a mogul slope or to ski effortlessly and elegantly down the slope. This is also the case in professional life.

Imagine you have to give a speech. If you mentally set yourself the goal of staying relaxed, you won’t automatically be relaxed. Your body has to be part of it as well. But if you are able to connect with your listeners from your heart and feel what you say and what affects your words have, then you can be really present and charismatic in front of your audience. And you look forward to inspiring the people in front of you and making a lasting impression on them.

Only when you really feel the safety and skills within you will you be successful.

Let’s find out what it feels like to break new ground!

Find out the magical power that the right mind-set, heart-set, soul-set and health-set has

Your mind-set

Your mind-set and your daily behaviour reflect your deepest beliefs. For example, in most cases your income is not higher than your identification with yourself. And you will never be a great leader if you are and appear insecure.

My approach follows the latest findings of brain research. You will learn how easy it is to dissolve mental blocks and obstructive, unconscious beliefs, entanglements and fears. We determine your strengths and you optimise your weaknesses.

Only the right mind-set leads to success!

We compare your fixed mind-set with your growth mind-set. We examine the team mind-set, corporate mind-set, money mind-set and much more. Through certain exercises, you will learn to adopt an increased perception, which will allow you crystal clear thinking and access to your own creativity.

By means of a certain technique, you can soon switch off the constant chatter in your head and learn to work in a highly focused way and be fully present in conversations and absolutely relaxed in your private life.

You learn to see the big picture and – just like Sherlock Holmes – detect ideas and possibilities you never thought of before. And you’ll practice to deliver your full performance on cue at any time – like a professional athlete.

The result will be seen in the outstanding quality of your work, and an excellence and accomplishment you never thought you could achieve.

Your heart-set

People often have an excellent mind-set, but feel that the cognitive dimension is no longer sufficient for today’s demanding leadership roles. Or they perceive a lot of anger or disappointment inside of them and realise that they are stuck with negative emotions from experiences of the past. They feel unfree and they are not really successful either. Or they notice that they can plan their businesses perfectly from an intellectual and strategic point of view, but in order to make it really big and successful, the real passion, their heart and soul is missing. Because if you only operate from your mind, you are not able to experience flow and happiness feelings.

With the power of the heart-set you are able to move mountains!

With the heart-set method, you can learn to open your heart wider and feel the flow more. This helps you to encourage your employees and to really inspire your customers and business partners. Only with passion can really good things come to life. Leonardo da Vinci or Mozart, a designer or executives like Steve Jobs need(ed) the presence and the impact of the heart in order to be creative and successful and create really great things.

Your soul-set

The soul-set is the intensification of the heart-set. With your soul-set, you can work on your very personal essence, the true and individual constituents of your being. Only if you are aware of it do you know what you need in life.

Authenticity is only possible with the right soul-set!

Let’s take the world of trees or flowers as an example for personal individuality. There are birches or oaks, roses or lilies or daisies. Each plant is special and it is unique, perfect and beautiful in its highest accomplishment – its abundance of flowers.

This is exactly the same with people when they are in the prime of their lives and live their full potential, grandness and uniqueness. Then they are unassailable, complete and present in everything they do and intrinsically motivated. They can’t help but be happy and successful. They are so connected with themselves that you can feel their presence, being close to them makes you want to have more of what they have. This is where your charisma begins!

Your health-set

You may have a complex mind and an open, big heart and be aware of your soul – but if your body is full of diseases such as gastritis, high blood pressure or diabetes, your energy is limited. This is also the case, when fears, worries, stress, pressure, exhaustion, futility or negative people drag you down.

With the right health-set, you have the energy and endurance you need in order to be successful!

In the modern world, energy is worth even more than intelligence. You can have a great product, a great business and a great mission, but if you don’t have the energy to do your job in the long term and get big things going, your work won’t be sustainable.

Increasing and maintaining your personal energy also means improving your eating and drinking habits, your fitness, your vitality and your body and energy management. Gain the physical strength that will enable you to complete all your tasks confidently and achieve the goals you set for yourself effortlessly!

Balance is important

Empathy creates space for people, because the basic human desire is to be recognised and loved.

The secret is to balance the mind and the heart, to connect the right and left hemispheres of the brain. True and authentic leadership comes down to an implementation with empathy.

Then a completely new view on life is achieved. Suddenly you are able to see the real meaning. You think bigger and see the connections.

Transparent cooperation

After each session, we create a detailed report so you can see at any time what we have done and achieved and what still needs to be done. This creates transparency and trust in what we do together.

Online coaching gives you the flexibility in terms of time, place and frequency.

From experience, I can tell you that we always find convenient times, and thanks to the online coaching we are not tied to long travel times. In the case of urgent problems, we can schedule extra appointments at short notice, and in case you are abroad, the schedule can be adjusted individually.

Are you curious and would like to know how we can work together in your individual case?

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