Reflections on something by yourself are just thoughts. But discussing them with someone who asks the right questions can mean a whole new future.

Consulting for entrepreneurs and executives

Would you like to leave your familiar surroundings as an entrepreneur or executive and

  • address issues you don’t normally address?
  • have a ’sparring partner’ who asks you questions that nobody has asked you before, but can give you new insights?
  • be able to talk about the seemingly impossible, about completely new ways, new leadership models, crazy ideas without having to justify yourself?
  • discuss the topicality of the brand, the products as well as the external impact of the company appearance (logo, website) in a qualified way but without any obligation?
  • talk about topics of increasing importance such as living your values in an authentic way, approaching sustainability as a real need instead of just looking at it as an empty phrase or creating a meaning for the purpose of the company and the employees in the work process?
  • to carefully discuss considerations on succession planning within a confidential framework and to clarify through specific questions which decisions are the right ones?

A different consulting approach

My consulting services differ from conventional business consulting in the way that they take place on an equal footing within a confidential framework. There are no intentions from my side to enter a consulting contract and you can rely on my expertise as an experienced consultant and as a long-standing entrepreneur. The consulting can also be done online. In a free trial session, we can get to know each other and find out whether I can help you and in what way.

Exactly the right option for you

Consulting on demand – consulting on an hourly basis

Sessions on an hourly basis are a good choice if your issues are less complex and you prefer a shorter consultation.

Big picture consulting – half-day consultations

If you would like to go deeper and give yourself the opportunity to discuss several areas of your business or company, half a day is the right solution. We will look at the big picture from a different perspective and discuss possible changes.

Intense consulting – full-day consultations

We need an entire day if you want to shed light on and discuss the most diverse issues and areas of your company. That way, we also have time to talk about possible strategies, investments, change processes, innovations and future visions. We can rethink your role in the company, your stress level or personal degree of freedom or consider and evaluate the possibility of succession planning.