For some time now, Claudia has been supporting me in different areas of my life. As part of the business coaching, she has helped me to define the goals and visions for our company and to develop methods, approaches and possibilities of how we can achieve these goals and what specific steps we can implement in order to achieve them. This process creates an incredible amount of clarity, has dissolved many mental blocks and has ultimately paved the way for the success of our company.

In my private life, Claudia supports me on my way to my new self and a happy relationship. Here, too, we have released many mental blocks, uncovered old patterns and defined new goals. I feel much happier, strengthened and full of self-love and I am ready to take the step into a new fulfilled and happy relationship with a person who loves me exactly the way I am.

Claudia works with the energy of the heart, deep and wonderful meditations and visualisations. In addition to practical tips, she also provides a feeling of safety and trust. With her, I can absolutely be myself and I am accepted in all my facets as the person I am.

I can only wholeheartedly recommend Claudia’s support to all those who have not yet accomplished what they want in whatever areas of their lives. My gratitude to Claudia cannot be expressed in words. For me, it is simply a gift from the universe that I met her.

Nina Fuchs, State-certified translator and Managing Partner, Munich

Before I started working with Claudia, I had a lot of unprocessed shame and trauma surrounding money. I didn’t feel worthy of having it and felt so stuck. Claudia coached me to believe in myself and find the power that already resided in me to change my relationship with money. She taught me how to tune into my own guidance, and trust myself, and believe that good things can happen to me. She is a fantastic listener, a compassionate, intuitive and beautiful soul. This is just the start of a new me and I can’t thank Claudia enough for holding space for me while I was growing.

Grace Illingworth, Actress and Writer, Los Angeles

After years of professional mistakes, with Claudia’s help, I managed to develop a highly motivating vision in just three sessions. Already after this short time, I experienced success stories, which I had not expected at all. I am already looking forward to the next steps into my self-determined future.

Lukas Rüdel, Munich, Germany

The cooperation with Claudia has enriched my life very much.
It is a wonderful gift to have Claudia at my side as a companion to help me achieve more clarity about my dreams and goals together and ultimately to make them real in a professional way step by step. What is very special to me is Claudia´s gift to really perceive and recognise her counterpart and fully grasp them. Her distinctive empathy, her clarity and her open-mindedness offer a lot of room to delve into the field of all possibilities, and to sift out and approach exactly the potentials which are perfect for you individually.

Susanne Badum, Munich

I am very grateful to Claudia for her tireless, encouraging and powerfully motivating support as a business coach. It is difficult to put her and her work into words. Simply beyond words! I really appreciate her respectful, appreciative, empathetic way of dealing with people. She works in a clear and focussed way, perceptibly with all her heart and soul.

I am very glad that I was able to solve my mental blocks with her support. After an analysis of my status quo, she supported my new project with many creative ideas and connected me with wonderful proficient people from her network.

We worked out an implementation strategy that allows me to start my business as planned in spring 2019.

Her work is very valuable and competent and I recommend her with deep conviction.

Rainer Adunka, Hallein, Austria

As an entrepreneur, designer and managing director, I am exposed to a lot of stress when it comes to creating collections, deadline pressure and HR management. Since Claudia has accompanied me, I have more energy, joy and also more time for myself. No matter what we work on – a strategy, a blockage or a personal vision for the next few years – every time I feel liberated and energised. Claudia has also showed me how beautiful it is to find strength and love in myself, which for me, adds a lot of value to my daily life.

Monika S., Entrepreneur