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Every change and every goal, no matter how big, begins with the first step.
Change yourself, your company and the world for the better!

Book your customised business coaching or business consulting!

In a free trial session, we will clarify what is blocking your way to get you or your company back on track for success. And I’ll explain to you in what way we can work together.

After that, I’ll send you my offer – and then we can change your world together!


Basic coaching
3 months

Transformation coaching
6 months

Expert coaching
12 months



Consulting on demand
on an hourly basis

Big picture consulting
half-day consultations

Intense consulting
full-day consultations


Get into the mood!

For our cooperation, not only is the methodology important, but also your attitude. Since I work very quickly and intensely with you, it is important for your success that you are willing to

  • open up completely
  • try something new
  • bring along time and passion to deal with your issues
  • really want to grow
  • practise daily
  • carry out the steps that we discuss together
  • also go through a short challenging period – like an athlete who first has to exercise in order to achieve great success.

Benefit for a lifetime from our cooperation!

This is what you can expect from me

On a personal level:

  • professional and individually customised sessions for you,
  • my absolute commitment, support, motivation and if necessary even a little push,
  • responsible and proficient working attitude,
  • transparency thanks to reports after each session, so you can see what has been done and achieved,
  • a high level of empathy, providence and awareness!

On a professional level:

  • You reach your goals or the ones developed together faster.
  • You increase your revenue and make more money.
  • You get to know all your skills and make perfect use of them.
  • You develop an effortless and professional performance.
  • You optimise your trust in yourself and in your tasks so that you can make better decisions and achieve better results.

On an emotional level:

  • You free yourself from past burdens, wounds and mental blocks.
  • You improve your relationships with your partner, with your family as well as your professional relationships.
  • You integrate mechanisms to get into higher levels of thinking and in the state of flow in order to feel safer and happier.
  • You wake up in the morning with joy and learn to be good with your emotions.
  • You learn to open your heart and to feel what is possible on this level.

In your daily life:

  • By visualising your mission and your place in life you are able to see the big picture. This fascination fuels your life. You experience your life in a completely different way.
  • You will become more efficient, more alive, more powerful, more productive, more balanced, more resistant and healthier than ever before.
  • You do everything from a place of inspiration and joy.
  • You live on a completely different level, you feel free, grateful, passionate, inspired, relaxed and limitless.
  • You notice that life is much more effortless from a higher, more curious and humorous point of view.

Venture out on this exciting journey for yourself and your business!

For you can only win. It won’t take as long as you would assume. At the beginning of our coaching sessions, it may seem a bit unusual to you – and in the middle, it may seem tough – but in the end, you will simply feel great. From the experience of freedom, depth, laughter, compassion, amazement, support, strength, autonomy, limitlessness and knowledge you will benefit for a lifetime.